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Acupressure for Toothache

Toothache is unavoidable. We all experience this discomfort at some point in our lives. Toothaches can be caused by poor dental hygiene, gum disease, abscessed teeth and so forth. As such, we have different remedies to counter this pain, with varying degrees of success. Visit to read different treatments you can try to relieve pain from toothache. One effective remedy is acupressure for toothache.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is the act of applying pressure to a known pressure point in the body with the goal of relieving pain. This form of therapy helps to signal to the body on where it can relieve tension, lower the painful sensation and correct the blood flow to a certain part of the body. This form of therapy has been around for two thousand years.

Acupressure therapy is very effective for toothache relief. It takes effect within a few minutes and does not require any expense if one knows how to perform the procedure. You can also have it done to you by someone else.

 Acupressure works on four major pressure points

  1. acupressure for toothachePoint one lies between the flesh of the thumb and the index finger.
  2. Point two lies on the lower part of the jaw. You can feel this point by first clenching your jaw and feeling the muscle that forms on the lower part of the jaw. This is the point at which you will apply pressure and massage the area.
  3. The third pressure point lies between the second and third toes.
  4. The fourth point lies beneath the cheekbone.

While administering this therapy on the aforementioned points, be sure to apply deep, firm pressure to effectively massage each point.

Acupressure works best when one is in a relaxed setting. If you will perform this procedure on yourself, make sure that you’re in a comfortable position. Breathe deeply as you perform the procedure. You may repeat this procedure as often as you like.

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