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Best Wine For Heart Health

Red wine and heart health have been connected for longer than you would believe. I should say red wine and health issues to be totally accurate. The ancient Greeks used wine as a treatment for ailments of all kinds and even as nutritional supplements. Doctors from the 15th century have written books on the health benefits of wine. A multitude of studies has come to the conclusion that if moderation is used people who drink wine regularly live a longer life thus considered as the best wine for heart health.

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The antioxidants in the wine help to prevent heart disease because they increase good cholesterol and protect the arteries from becoming damaged. The antioxidant in wine that seems to be so powerful is Resveratrol and while studies continue on this anti-aging compound and wine what we know for sure is that there definitely appears to be a link.

The source of Resveratrol is from the skins of red grapes. The fermentation process with the skins is longer in red than white wine, which is why reds do the best job of promoting heart health.

wineIt’s believed that heart disease stems from inflammation and clotting in the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that Resveratrol can reduce blood clotting and inflammation that occur in the heart. On top of that, it reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Finally, it protects your blood vessels.

Resveratrol has shown promising results in minimizing the damage after a heart attack or stroke. Recent studies indicate that 3 weeks of Resveratrol supplements during heart attack improve left Ventricular post-Ischemic functions and reduce the occurrence of repeat myocardial infarction, The study showed that Resveratrol provided a dramatic increase in cardioprotection.

Don’t get carried away when you start getting healthy with red wine. Moderation is defined by 2 glasses for men and only 1 for women per day. Red wine and heart health are important but not at the risk of exacerbating more serious conditions.

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