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What Is The Most Effective Biceps And Triceps Workout?

Woking on our muscles is a great way to achieve optimum strength. Having a muscular arm and upper body increases confidence and self-esteem. Different biceps and triceps workout can increase the toughness of the upper arm and basically everything in the upper body. We are going to discuss the different kinds of workout that will enhance your biceps and triceps respectively.


Functions of Biceps and Triceps

Triceps can be found on the back of the upper arms, its main function is to extend the forearm at the elbow joint. This is composed of three heads which are the long head, lateral head, and medial head. The long head of the triceps is responsible for the extension of the arm at the shoulder joint.

Biceps are located on the front part of the upper arms. It is composed of short and long heads which are contributing to the flexibility and movement of the forearm. This is the major controller of the forearm and stimulates shoulder elevation.


Benefits Of Biceps and Triceps Workout

workout machineOur daily lives require physical strength, from changing bed sheets to lifting heavy objects or rearranging home furniture. That is why it is important to keep our biceps and triceps strong and lean.

Men, most especially, are fond of working and improving their arm muscles, which is quite understandable because who wouldn’t want some muscles popping on your fitted shirt?

Aside from the aesthetics and the pleasing appearance of having a toned upper arm and body, you can also benefit from biceps and triceps workout in other ways. According to studies, biceps and triceps workout contributes to our overall strength and resistance. It also helps in making us feel stronger as we age, without training, our body has the tendency to lose its youthful strength and masculinity. Engaging in resistance training can add 3 pounds to your lean muscles and increase your strength by at least 30 percent.


Things to Consider

Before you start your upper arms training and arm building programs, there are few things to consider to make your routine more effective. These strategies and techniques will help you gain muscles and strength in the most efficient way.

To get toned, lean, and bigger arms, you need to be dedicated and willing to train for a long period of time. Training your arms will take a lot of time and if you do not see any positive results right away, you might get discouraged. Make sure that you are 100% in it and that your focus is always on track.

The first thing to consider in trying to achieve a bigger arm is the composition of your upper arm. It is said that focusing on the bigger muscle groups results in bigger arms as well. The key to attaining muscular and bigger upper arms is constantly working on your triceps and push workouts.

Second, it is also important to incorporate your biceps and triceps to workout with other upper body muscles. This is a win-win method where you can train your upper arms together with your chest or back. By doing so, you save time in working out, and at the same time, you were able to train a larger muscle group together with your triceps and biceps.

Third, to avoid getting bored, you need to simultaneously incorporate different kinds of sets and reps into your training. If you are currently working on the improvement of your arms, try to utilize drop sets, supersets, forced reps, half reps, and cheat reps to your regimen. This way you will be able to adjust the intensity of your training without feeling dull and washed out.

Lastly, a high-intensity workout is a must! To fully maximize your biceps and triceps workout, it is important to adjust the intensity of your workout in between your resting period. As the saying goes, “Hard work pays off”, you need to push yourself to the limit and try to hit different muscle parts every time you execute your training. This will effectively give you the results that you are aiming for.


Triceps Extension Workout

high intensity workoutThe triceps extension is an independent kind of exercise that focuses on the three heads of the triceps as well as the chest, shoulders, forearms, and lats.

Here are some of the few exercises that you can perform to improve your triceps muscles.

  1. Lying triceps extension- to perform this exercise, you will be needing to lie down on a flat bench while holding dumbbells in each of your hands. Stay firm and grip the dumbbells with utmost strength. Extend your arms backward while keeping your upper arms stationary, bring the dumbells on the sides of your head, and pause before doing a reversed movement by extending the arms in full.
  2. Cable lying triceps extension- lie on a flat bench under a cable pulley with an attached bar. Keeping your palms facing outward, hold the bar tightly. Afterwhich, slowly pull the bar by bending your elbows and keeping your upper arms halted. Pause for a second and flex your triceps as you put your arms back to the starting position.
  3. Standing triceps extension– for this particular exercise, all you need is a pair of dumbbells. Stand firmly and do not forget to watch your body’s posture. Hold the dumbells above your head and slowly flex your elbow as you extend your arms upwards. Pause,  pull back down, and repeat.
  4. Incline barbell triceps extension- to perform this type of triceps extension, set the bench press into an inclining position with an average angle of 45 to 75 degrees. Hold the barbells and extend your arms to the air, this will be your starting position. Remember to keep your upper arms fixed as you bend your elbows backward bringing the barbells behind your head. Flex your triceps as you put the barbells back to its original position.


Biceps Workout

There are several ways to train the biceps, because of its distinct function on the upper arms, the training for triceps and biceps could be done separately. Refer to the list below to check out different ways to get that muscular arms you’ve always wanted. You can also get a sports watch from to monitor your fitness performance.

  1. Standing barbell curl- to perform this exercise, stand firmly, and make sure that your posture is correct. Hold the bar at hip right and flex your core and contract your biceps as you lift the bar up to your shoulder, at this point, put tension to your biceps and slowly go back to the starting position.
  2. Dumbbell concentration curl- sit on a bench and hold one dumbbell in your left or right hand. Keep your feet flat on the floor, place your elbow just above your knees, and curl the dumbbell towards your chest. Keep your upper arms still and squeeze your biceps as you move the dumbbells back and forth. Repeat the same process on the other arm.
  3. Dumbbell preacher curl– to do this exercise, you will be needing a preacher bench and a barbell. Sit on the bench and adjust the height to which the edge of the slope reaches yourstanding resistance bands workout armpit. Curl the barbell towards you while flexing your biceps at the same time.
  4. Resistance band hammer curl- grab a resistance band and stand firmly, loop the band under your feet and hold each band with your two hands. Keep your upper arms still and bend your elbows as you curl the band to your shoulder. Pause for a bit and bring your arms back to its original position.

Nutritional Facts

Your body needs sufficient nutrients in order for it to maximize the benefits of your biceps and triceps workout. In any muscle growing programs, eating the right food with enough nutrients is important.

To make sure that your body is equipped to gain muscles, you should be prioritizing your protein intake and the carbohydrates that you consume. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates like cakes, cookies, and sugary sweets. Most importantly, ensure that your body has enough calories, this will help in making the results of your workout more visible right away.

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