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What is your daily routine for dental care?

Your morning routine may likely consist of washing the face, putting on makeup or shaving, and styling the hair. Having a routine of dental care to the morning to-do list makes your teeth strong and your mouth fresh every day. Visit www.thdentalryde.com.au to read about brushing and flossing tips for daily oral hygiene.

Many people think that just by brushing the teeth for about some minutes every morning is enough. Daily oral hygiene should include:

1.  Brushing the teeth  

Put the pea-sized drop of the toothpaste on the brush. Hold the toothbrush at the forty-five-degree angle then point towards the gums. Brush the teeth for a minimum of two minutes, spending thirty seconds at each quadrant. Ensure you cover all the surfaces, including the back, the front, and top. Also brush the tongue in the circular motions. Rinse the mouth thoroughly using water to remove the toothpaste. Then rinse the toothbrush where you will store it in the clean place.

daily routine for dental care

 2. Floss the teeth

Place some dental floss between the thumbs and the forefingers, and slightly guide it between the front teeth. Use the rubbing motion to put it between teeth up to when you will get to a gumline. Curve floss besides one of your teeth and then gently push it between gum and a tooth. After that rub the area slightly with floss, and then continue to rub the side of a tooth as you’re moving floss out. 

3. Cleaning the tongue

Even when you brush the teeth twice every day, a bad odor might occur if you don’t clean the tongue. You will use the toothbrush or the floss as being outlined above, or by using the tongue scraper. Begin at a base to slow the back-to-front stroke. This will help to remove the debris. You may also cover the tongue scraper using some toothpaste to remove odor, bacteria and debris from the tongue. 

4. Mouthwash

After you have cleaned the teeth and the tongue, swish the mouthwash around the mouth for thirty seconds so as to freshen the breath. Continually spit a mouthwash out and if you don’t have the commercial oral rinse, the saltwater solution can be used.

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