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Does senior health care include dental services?

It is considered good news that most governments, be it federal, democratic, or communist, all over the world are giving importance to the privileges of the older population, especially the maintenance of senior health care. But with this benefit, is dental care and visiting a dentist by appointment also covered by the senior health care services? If so, what are the inclusions of this coverage? And if not, how can they avail of this benefit?

Dental services from Medicare

Medicare is a very large health insurance provider that is known to cover the medical needs of its members in many countries. However, their common insurance policies do not cover dental healthcare. Only Medicare Advantage, their private insurance policy, can cover routine dental care for members 65 years and above, but the covered services can also be minimal.

Senior dental care access through the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

In the US, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows the older population to purchase stand-alone dental insurance coverage. However, it does not clearly state the availability of dental services for our senior citizens as well.

Dental care services from Medicaid

This is a federal-state program that provides health and dental care coverage to low-income citizens and seniors. This is the only establishment that offers dental care to seniors for free; however, the coverage is very limited.

Financial aid for senior health care

senior health careMany dentists are offering treatment plans that are easy on the budget. Some even allow different payment schemes so as to make it convenient for their senior patients to avail dental care.  To make sure that you can avail of their services, secure an appointment and discuss with your dentist the things that you need to do in order to maintain your teeth and compensate for the procedures that he needs to perform on you.

Your dental health is as important as your overall general health. If you have the funds to get insurance coverage, make sure to check your chosen insurance’s policy for their dental coverage. This will ensure that when the time comes and you need dental attention, it will not be as inconvenient and expensive.

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