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Things To Know About Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation

Most patients nowadays are asking questions about fat grafting breast augmentation. They also eager to know whether you can use one’s fat to enlarge their breasts. For most women, it sounds too good to be true. Get rid of some fat around the thighs, hips or stomach and get bigger breasts? Why would anyone ever get implants again? There are recent advances in fat grafting, especially in breast augmentation; visit DrBreastAugmentationMelbourne.com.au Surgeons to read more about it.

You have to be fat enough 

I know what you’re thinking. Of course, Do I have enough fat for new breasts? However, you may be surprised how much fat is actually needed. Normally, 2 to 10 ml fat from the liposuction is needed to produce 1 ml of processed fat. For a typical 300 cm breast implant (about a C cup for most women) you would need about 1.2 pounds of fat. And that’s just for a breast. You may think you have at least three kilos of fat, and you probably do, but it’s not all in a suitable place for liposuction.

Breast preparation before and after surgery 

For successful fat grafting of breast augmentation, you will need to wear two large domes over the breasts that will provide suction for about 6-10 hours daily for three weeks. As a result, the skin is stretched, and the growth of breast tissue begins. Surgeons have found that skipping the BRAVA system before surgery cannot stretch the skin enough to absorb the fat.  After surgery, some surgeons recommend re-wearing the BRAVA system to stimulate the skin, breast tissue, and fat to expand.

Fat transplant risks 

Fat Grafting Breast AugmentationThere are some surgical risks that are specific to fat grafting. They include:

-The fat is absorbed back into the body

-The fat loses volume and becomes thinner

-There is a risk of calcification if the grafted fat forms a scar

– Inconsistent results

The technology improves with the breast augmentation that uses the patient’s own fat. At the moment, however, there are still some significant disadvantages and inconveniences associated with fat grafting breast augmentation.

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