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Fat transfer breast augmentation cost

The cost of fat transfer breast augmentation can cost anywhere from $3000 up to $11,000 depending on different factors such as location, the quality of the surgeon, and the conditions specific to your operation. The average cosmetic surgery with fat transfer procedure usually costs around $6,000.

The fat transfer breast augmentation procedure removes fat from different parts of your body such as stomach, hips, and thighs, and inserts it into your breasts to increase their size. The procedure uses mild liposuction to remove the fat which is then purified. Once this has been done the fat is placed into a syringe which is then slowly reinserted to the breasts.

With typical breast implant surgery, you are at risk of rejection, but fat transfer breast augmentation costs around the same price as breast implant surgery and will cause less scarring and create a natural contouring effect. With the removal of fat in other areas of your body as well, fat transfer breast augmentation offers many advantages.

However, fat transfer breast augmentation isn’t for everybody. It works well for people who want a small enhancement with excess in body fat, and for people who already have a good breast contour and natural lift. If you’re looking for a huge increase in breast size, however, fat transfer breast augmentation will likely not work for you.

fat transfer breast augmentation costIt can also cause issues with people who have a history of breast cancer, as it can cause breast cancer screenings to fail. If you’re thinking about having this procedure done, speak with a surgeon beforehand who will be able to advise you on whether or not this procedure is right for you.

If your surgeon decides against it there is always the option of silicone breast implants. However, if fat transfer breast augmentation is available to you this would be the best route to go down in getting a safer and natural-looking breast, and it will cost around the same amount as it would for breast implants.

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