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Full Body Vibration Platform: What Are Its Health Benefits?

Our bodies change as we continue to age. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, our capacity will become vulnerable in time. This challenges us to find a versatile fitness routine that allows us to adapt and switch according to what our bodies can handle. Thankfully, advanced technology has led to innovative exercise equipment, such as a full-body vibration platform, that helps us enjoy the benefit of a whole-body workout without adding stress to our sensitive joints.

One of the most popular exercise essentials is the full body vibration platform. If you want to cut to the chase and get the best vibration machine right away, you may find and buy it at If you want to learn more about its benefits before purchasing, read through this article and we will make sure you are well informed. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


What is a Full Body Vibration Platform?

If you want to perform exercises and remain fit without risking your safety, you should try out a vibration platform. This machine is handy in keeping your body strong and healthy and helps prevent fatal falls.

The vibration platform, also most commonly known as a shaking machine, is one of the seasoned gym-goers” most common exercise platforms. If you often go to gym facilities and fitness centres, you have most likely come across one of these. Vibration platform is a piece of equipment that applies vibrations to your whole body. It acts as a force that engages your muscles to allow your reflexes to work, resulting in contraction.

about full body vibration platformIf you want to add some versatility throughout your routines, you can incorporate a series of movements within a vibration platform. For many, performing other exercises such as push-ups, squats, and crunches brings more challenge to the activity. Since a vibration platform basically utilises your whole body, it is a great choice to better improve your overall fitness.

The vibration platform allows your muscles to work harder and significantly help you shed those excess fats, build your core, and strengthen your muscle capacity.


Benefits of Full Body Vibration Platform

A vibration platform can provide several health benefits than it appears to have. Aside from being an effective exercise companion, it can also make you feel more motivated to perform your routines. From weight loss to strength gain, the vibration platform shows comparable benefits with traditional fitness activities.


Weight loss

As its name implies, a full body vibration platform uses vibration techniques to keep your full body engaged. Since your whole body is at work, significant weight loss will take effect. This can bring many health benefits, starting with the prevention of obesity and the reduction of harmful excess fats.

Vibration platforms are also studied to effectively lower the levels of several hormones, more particularly with cortisol. This hormone is directly associated with weight gain—the lower the cortisol level, the lower the possibility of weight gain.


Blood pressure

Training with the help of a vibration platform can essentially lower your blood pressure. It prevents arterial stiffness that will result in a decrease in your systolic blood pressure. Your blood flow will generally be better, along with the improvement of the flow of vital nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. If you often experience hypertension and can’t perform exercises because of it, the vibration platform is a great alternative to a traditional workout routine. If you want a more intensive workout, try a stationary bike from this shop.


Strength Training

A vibration platform will keep your muscles and bones active and can significantly boost your core strength. It is also responsible for combining the power of your upper body and lower body. You will get enough balance and resistance to reduce back pain and reduce the risk of bone loss and decreased muscle mass.

Vibration platforms are also helpful in producing human growth hormones responsible for giving you a youthful look.


Body Composition

With proper diet and regular stretching, the vibration platform can boost your body composition to make a healthier, better version of yourself. Moreover, several studies and research have shown equal effects of vibration platform with an aerobic program. If you cannot stand the intensity of high-impact aerobic techniques, you should make a switch to a vibration platform.



senior full body vibration platformAs we age, we get a higher risk of experiencing falls, which could pose dangers to our overall function. Sudden falling out of balance can risk breaking our bones and can lead to permanent damages. Since our bones become more brittle as we reach seniority, it is better to prevent the risk of falling. You could do this by improving your balance.

The vibration platform does not require a strenuous workout. You can strengthen your muscles and bones without the need for heavy lifting and reduce the possibility of having a fall.


Where To Get A Vibration Machine

With a wide range of brands and models online to choose from, you can select which one is more suitable for your preferences. Check here more fun options to exercise. Enjoy your journey towards a healthier, more fit, and better version of yourself!

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