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Shark Teeth in Kids: When to Take Your Child to the Dentist

One of your responsibilities as a parent is to ensure that your kids’ dental health is not compromised. But sometimes, no matter how diligent you are in teaching proper oral care, unexpected dental problems occur. Many dental issues might arise during childhood, but we will focus on shark teeth in kids in this article. Dentists describe shark teeth as a situation where the permanent tooth erupts while the baby tooth is still in place. This results in a double row consisting of baby teeth and permanent teeth at once. If you have a child with shark teeth, visit their website here and see the treatment options. Meanwhile, let’s find out what causes shark teeth.

Why Does Shark Teeth Happen

shark teeth appearanceShark teeth usually take place between the ages of five to seven years old. While it is typically seen on the lower incisors (lower front teeth), it can also happen on the primary molars.

Usually, the permanent tooth sits underneath the baby tooth, waiting for the right time to erupt. Once they are ready to come in, they dissolve the baby tooth’s root to make it lose. The main objective is for the baby teeth to fall off so that the permanent teeth will have a place.

Unfortunately, there are cases where the roots of the baby teeth don’t dissolve, and they even stay intact and solid. Even so, the permanent teeth will still erupt. This process is called- “ectopic eruption.” When the falling of baby teeth is delayed, a double row of teeth emerges.

Should Parents Need to Worry?

Generally, the baby teeth will eventually fall off, and the adult teeth will naturally take their place. Thus, in most cases, it does not require any dental treatment at all.

Ask your child to wiggle their old teeth gently with their tongue to loosen them. Shark teeth might cause mild to moderate discomfort when eating, so it’s essential to have the baby tooth removed as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the baby teeth don’t come off quickly, and the permanent teeth are starting to grow fast. This could cause inflammation and irritation for your child. If this is the case, go to today and have them checked by a pediatric dentist.

Dental Solutions for Shark Teeth

Quite frankly, the solution for shark teeth will depend on the actual condition of your child’s teeth. Since the baby tooth is expected to fall off anyway, you may opt to wait it out and let them fall off independently. Once the baby tooth is out, the permanent teeth will move to their designated place.

Nevertheless, if the baby tooth stays firm, strong, and solid, it’s probably time to consider pediatric dentistry. Set an appointment with your kids’ dentist to lessen your worry.

When it’s Time to Call the Dentist

mom and child with dentistYou know that you are parenting right if you seek professional help when needed. A dentist should see any kind of dental problem that causes severe discomfort to your child. In this case, there are three crucial things for you to consider before bringing your child to the dental office.


If the shark teeth have lasted for about two months, it’s probably time to call the dentist. A wiggle appointment could help to loosen the baby teeth and encourage them to fall off.


If the shark teeth are taking place behind the molars, your child’s teeth can become overcrowded. An orthodontic consultation might be needed for cases like this to ensure that your child’s teeth grow accordingly.

Pain and discomfort

It’s natural for parents to be distraught when their child feels sick or is in pain. When your child can no longer eat properly, and they begin to complain about how painful their teeth are, don’t hesitate to take them to the dentist immediately.


Friendly tip

Prepare your child for the treatment and explain to them why it’s needed. Dental anxiety is common among children, and giving them a heads-up can help a lot.

Before your appointment with the dentist, be sure to prepare the answers to the following questions:

  1. When did the baby teeth become loose?
  2. Does the baby tooth wiggle?
  3. When did the eruption of permanent teeth occur?

Possible Complications

Rarely, a gum graft may be needed. This is required when the gums attached to the permanent tooth are pretty low, much like a gum recession. If tooth extraction is necessary, keep in mind that dentists for children are highly trained for this kind of procedure.

Overall, it’s always best to check in with the dentist if you are concerned about your child’s dental health. Regardless of the issues, seeking professional help is the best possible solution to prevent complications.




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