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Sharp Canine Teeth: Attractive or Problematic?

Sharp canine teeth can be a source of pride or an obvious dental issue. But what exactly is causing them to become sharp? How do they affect the overall look of your teeth? What should you do if you have sharp canine teeth? We’ll discuss all this and more in this blog post.     What Causes Sharp Canine Teeth? Sharp canine teeth can be caused by genetics, misalignment, trauma, or even grinding. Genetics is one of the most common causes of sharp canine teeth. Some people are simply born…

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How to Get Vampire Teeth Naturally? (DIY and Professional Techniques)

At one time in our lives, some of us have tried on the novelty plastic vampire teeth. Although healthy, some people have aesthetic preferences that may be perceived as different from others, like having vampire teeth. If you are that kind of person, you can book an appointment today to acquire that appealing smile. In any case, read on to know more about how to get vampire teeth naturally, including the method to improve your smile.

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