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Teeth brushing timer for kids: Is it effective?

If you are a parent of toddlers and raucous kids, you can agree with me that brushing their teeth is really a struggle sometimes. For kids who are not yet able to brush their own teeth, doing it can be taxing for parents, but it has to be done because their dental health relies on it. Brushing our child’s teeth the proper way serves as a strong foundation for them to develop strong white teeth in the future, so it is our responsibility as parents to supervise and manage their dental habits. Dentists at Dentistry on Solent’s clinic near Norwest, NSW advises parents to search for ways to keep their kids entertained and encouraged to brush their teeth.  Let us discover ways to make brushing fun for kids, and how teeth brushing timer for kids help them to maintain their healthy smile.


Brushing is fun: Using teeth brushing timer for kids and others

Kids these days are as busy as us, adults. Yes! Imagine juggling school, play, and family time in a short amount of time (because they need to sleep more than adults), squeezing in some hygiene activities like bathing and brushing the teeth in between their schedule may be too much for them. So, as parents, we should supervise our kids and make sure that they are taking good care of their teeth and gums. We should teach them how to brush their teeth properly and regularly so that they maintain their dental health and use what we taught them as their foundation towards keeping their mouths healthy on their own as they grow. Here are some ways you can encourage them that tooth brushing is not as tiring and can be fun.


Use music

Some kids are drawn to listening to different music while painting, dancing, or singing. Use that interest in brushing their teeth! Play a two-minute musical tune or song so you can monitor how long they have been brushing and to ensure that they have cleaned it well enough. Do these twice a day for a better outcome.


Make it a routine

toothbrushing for kidsInstill in your child to include brushing on their morning and before-bedtime routine. Doing this will make caring for their teeth a habit like combing their hair, bathing, and many more.


Introduce a reward system

Some parents make use of whiteboards and stickers to indicate if the child followed every healthy routine for the day, and reward them with a toy or a treat during the weekend. Doing so can encourage the kid to enjoy caring for himself.


Brush with his favorite characters

If your child has a favorite superhero or cartoon character, use that in your analogy. You can say, ‘this cartoon character can save the world because he doesn’t have a toothache, and that is because he brushes his teeth every day’, or something to that effect.


Use teeth brushing timer for kids

This can incorporate timing of your child’s brushing time and using cartoon characters as your reference. Use teeth brushing timer for kids that has designs like your child’s favorite superhero. Some even have a bell that rings when you reach the 2-minute mark, and a light to make brushing fun and enjoyable for kids.

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