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Vampire Teeth Surgery

What are Vampire teeth?

Vampire teeth is as simple as it’s name sounds, fangs added onto our natural teeth that look like real vampire fangs. The big question of concern is, why do people undergo vampire teeth surgery? Most people in this generation of ours are addicted to something unique and normal is definitely not unique. The human nature is set to explore, find and actually try new stuff. But like any other surgical procedures, possible side effects after surgery might occur. If this happens, it is strongly advised to seek for immediate medical attention in order to prevent further damage.

Implants, or rather fangs as they are commonly known are basically for speculation purposes. Some of us want to adopt that Gothic appearance for their personal satisfaction hence end up getting Vampire teeth. The implants however are for appearance purposes only thus not strong enough for hard biting.

How can i get Vampire teeth?

Undergoing vampire teeth surgery requires a broad knowledge of all it’s aspects, types, size and how the surgery itself is done. There’s a wide variety of fangs you can get. They simply can be classified as permanent for the dead serious guys and temporary for those only experimenting.


Temporary fangs are very common and are referred to as slip on. You simply slip them onto your teeth and take them out whenever you want.

vampire teeth surgery

Ready made fangs is another type of fang made from dental acrylics and fitted onto your mouth by drilling.

The last type of fangs is the permanent vampire fangs. As the name sounds, this is permanent and needs to be implanted by a dentist who specializes in cosmetics. The process resembles that of a cap. It involves having your original tooth filed down to a slim line. This will enable the cap to fit on perfectly. These fangs can’t be taken off easily. A temporary alternative is having them fitted in your mouth with a wire apparatus like a bridge.


Vampire fangs also vary in terms of size. Its size is categorized in terms of how long or short it is. The smaller its size the less impact they will have on your comfort and speech. The cost incurred on these implants varies on their size and professionalism of your cosmetics doctor. Additional information. Before you engage in a fang transplant process, it is prudent to look at the condition of your teeth. This is because if your teeth is hurting or rotting, it is not recommended to get implants.

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