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How To Maintain Weight Loss Exercise Plan At Home For Weeks

An hour of squatting or doing lunges can be tiring. People that lack the consistency of doing these fitness routines for days can’t set their body to adjust. Hence, many people feel stopping in the middle of a workout instead of pursuing their plans and programs. You can also visit to check out more tips on which machines are best used during your weight loss exercise program. Some people think that treadmills or heavy weights are easy to use at home. But, confined space and the lack of time for a workout can disrupt a weight loss exercise plan at home. You may need to adjust with a few suggestions that we created to help people lose weight.


Why Do A Week Long Weight Loss Exercise Plan At Home?

Is it not enough to do curl-ups and push-ups every weekend? Your lifestyle may limit you on how many hours you can do these fitness routines. But, a week long weight loss exercise plan can give you results in a few months. Regular exercises for the muscle, joint, bone, tendon, and ligament can help prevent fractures and injuries. It can also decrease signs of aging, obesity, weak immune system, and diseases. Having a long term plan of action to reduce your fat and cholesterol in the body can also benefit your overall wellbeing in the future. That said, if you want to have an exercise plan at home for a week that works, start taking initial steps now. 


Benefits Of A Workout Plan:

  • Lowers Heart Disease
  • Discipline For Eating
  • Makes You Feel Confident About Your Mental And Physical Health


Sample Week Weight Loss Exercise Plan At Home

Weight Loss Exercise Plan Routine

You can refer to our guide for a sample of workout for weight loss while staying at home. Or, if you can, consult your gym instructor to know which workout routines are perfect according to your body’s condition. Some people may even want light or aerobic exercises that best suits their needs. Especially, pregnant women, seniors, and children aren’t supposed to do heavy lifts, prolonged planking or squatting, as well as running for more than an hour. Here is our take on what to do for a weight loss exercise plan at home for two to six weeks and more. 



Use a 20 – minute metabolism booster to start a weight loss workout plan at home. Afterward, you can proceed with 40 minutes or one hour of moderate intensity lunges, bridges, squats, and jumps. Spider crawls, chest press, and using a machine for a workout can also help your body to become healthy.



Total body strengthening with cardio and flexibility workouts are great for the second day. Some examples are using jump ropes, cycling, playing basketball, or swimming. At home, you can do a 30-45 minute HIIT program before going to school or after work. You can keep up your momentum until Wednesday and gradually lower your temperature to prevent inflammation of your bones and joints. 



The interval between Tuesday to Wednesday can be a bit tricky, but you can still sustain your cardio and flexibility workout until moderate weight loss routine. The second half of Wednesday can be a break day for moderate and heavy intensity by doing aerobic exercises or light stretching. A treadmill can be fine tuned for medium brisk walking or a steep and fast running workout



If you want to continue burning fat and build muscle, an active bodyweight workout is effective even for a beginner. But, you don’t necessarily need equipment to finish your simple workout. You can also use this time for diet plans as well as relying on house chores or grocery as an alternative workout.  



Weight Loss Exercise Plan Equipment

High intensity interval training for walking is beneficial for weight loss workout as it is simple and effective. A full circle workout as the weekend starts can be fast but also tiring. So, watch if you’re feeling your blood pressure going up, or if you’re feeling dizzy. Symptoms of fatigue and stress can be seen as a side effect of healthy running. But, if you don’t know the difference, it can be an emergency. Make sure that you hydrate and eat in between, so you won’t lack the energy that you need to complete your workout.  



Saturday is a great day to focus on workout and exercises. But, make sure that you are balancing your workout with the rest of your day’s activities. Boost your energy with moderate intensity workouts like jogging, planking, or go ahead with HIIT. Remember to do your workout until 150 to 250 minutes as doctors of sports medicine say that this is the ideal workout period for your heart.  



Since it’s already the end of the week, you can go back doing light intensity workouts or aerobic exercises to prepare you for the upcoming day. It will also prevent fatigue or burn out for the next day’s workout. You can choose a trainer, or a good printable workout process to check if you are doing the right way to lose your fat. Mental health disorders can come from patients who don’t know when to eat correctly or when the right schedule for working out is. 


Remember these tips before starting your workout:

  • Make sure to know what your end goal weight is
  • Check your BMI (body mass index)
  • Get a checkup for underlying health conditions
  • Ask a friend, family member, or colleague for suggestions
  • Consult a fitness instructor or a doctor of sports medicine
  • Don’t push your limits, if you’re feeling tired, take a break during the week
  • Motivation can be found everywhere, but it’s up to your choice
  • Women, especially those who are pregnant may stick with aerobic workouts
  • Avoid exercising if you keep getting hypertension or faint easily
  • Watch what you eat, especially, proper diet still needs fat and protein
  • Maintain a healthy perspective about workout 


Why Is It Hard To Follow A Weight Loss Exercise Plan?

Weight Loss Exercise Plan

It is understandable that not everyone can adhere to a weight loss exercise plan at home since space may not be ample enough for running or moving around. Commonly, parents with younger children can either have an advantage or disadvantage for a workout. A busy schedule with classes for teens and young adults can also cut a workout plan even for a week. Nevertheless, planning and set your goals for your journey. It may be best to try the recommendations of your physical fitness coach at a gym or a park. You may also want to look for a community that can encourage you not to become stressed about your desire to lose weight. 


How To Maintain Weight Loss Exercise Plan At Home

The essential factor on what keeps you committed to your weight loss workout steps is your motivation. Are your goals for your physical health, for social approval, or to make yourself feel better overall? It may be best to analyze what your intention is for starting a weight loss workout. Above all, mental health and physical health are two inseparable entities that define who you are as human. Don’t forget to take breaks in between and sleep at the right time. Self-love is as important as being fit in 2020 and beyond. 

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