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How long does a sinus toothache last?

Whenever you experience toothache, it’s not automatic that the pain could be cause by any of the infected tooth but, it can also be a result of a sinus related issue. Sinus toothache is unique since it can happen at irregular intervals and answering the question “how long does a sinus toothache last ?” can only be handled by permanent treatment. Read for toothache remedies. Meanwhile, here’s a further dicussion of sinus toothache pain for your better understanding.

You can suffer the pain as long as all the causes are in place and the impact is known best to those who have experienced this in the past. The pain behind sinus toothache is always related to the space that is air-filled behind the forehead and the cheekbones. When the pain is within a controllable level, you may not easily notice the impact but extreme cases of sinus toothache will automatically disrupt all your activities. Whether you suffer the pain for a second or a day, the impact is always massive and can be very destructive

how long does a sinus toothache last

Causes of sinus toothache

Sinus toothache is caused by the fluid that builds ups in the sinus cavities which adds more pressure on the upper tooth. The effects of sinus isn’t limited to any age group as it can affect both the old and young equally. The infection is believed to be caused by the inflammation of the sinus cavities tissue lining. The inflammation can be a result of bacteria, allergies and virus which can easily trigger sinus infection. In some cases, the impact of sinus toothache can extent to affects other body health conditions such as causing headache, throat irritation, nasal discharge and nasal congestion.

Finding relief for sinus toothache

Since the sinus toothache can be accompanied by many other pains in the body, tough pain around the face and head can be fought through relief medications for headache. You are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids and hot shower which are some of the ways that are expected to loosen the congestion which could be the primary pain contributor.

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