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Abdominoplasty and lipectomy: What it is all about

Everybody wants to feel confident about his/her body figure and shape. But sometimes maintaining this is quite hard especially with excess stubborn fat. But this should no longer be a threat to your confidence as you can now have a combination of both abdominoplasty and lipectomy. This will effectively sort out your body issues and bring your shape perfectly out. Let’s get some understanding regarding these combinations


Abdominoplasty and lipectomy: Are they different from each other?

Yes, these are separate cosmetic surgeries each aimed at removing excess body fat in a particular area
Abdominoplasty – This is the popular surgical procedure used for eliminating excess fat, skin and also tighten up stretched abdominal muscle. Popularly referred as a tummy tuck
Lipectomy – This is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat in the body particularly the buttocks and thighs.
Combining these two surgical procedure will give you what we call circumferential abdominoplasty or belt lipectomy.


How this combination is different from other tummy tuck techniques

abdominoplasty and lipectomy procedure


What makes this combination different is the fact that it extends to all areas notorious for the accumulation of excess fat. Other tummy tuck techniques no matter the type, will only concentrate on the abdominal area.


How surgical procedure for this combination is done

Although the surgical procedure of each of this combination is different, the procedure to be used here will be a twist of abdominoplasty. The traditional abdominoplasty is performed first under the general anesthesia. The excess skin and fat located on the lower and upper abdomen are then removed. Since the belly will have a new shape and contours, the navel will need to be re-positioned so as to accommodate it.

The next step will be to deal with buttocks tissue and sagging outer hips. Here an extension of the incision will be done on the posterior waistline circumferentially. The contouring procedures of the buttock are incorporated simultaneously to get the required shape and projection.

The abdominal muscles are tightened by stitching. This will give you a flat belly and an appealing appearance. After the incision is sutured, skin flaps will be made. In addition, drains will be placed to facilitate the drainage of the excess fluid as the wounds heal.


The primary good of this surgical procedure is to make you feel good and confident about yourself. Before you go for this procedure, ensure you discuss with the surgeon. This will give you a bigger picture of what to expect your body to be like. You will also need to prepare a significant amount for this procedure

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