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Teeth bleaching side effects

A great smile is desirable by everyone as it contributes to attractiveness and boosts your confidence. As a result, many people have turned to professional teeth whitening like bleaching to enhance their appearance. The procedure itself is mostly harmless and should be carried out by a professional dentist. However, like any other dental procedure, it does involve some risks. Therefore, before undergoing the procedure, you should evaluate these teeth bleaching side effects before making a decision.

Teeth sensitivity

You may experience teeth sensitivity right after the procedure but it normally stops between 24 to 48 hours. This occurs due to the exposure of the dentine layer during the bleaching process. Pre-existing dental conditions such as open cavities, micro-cracks, cracked dental fillings, newly cracked teeth or general teeth sensitivity may increase or lengthen sensitivity after the procedure. It’s advisable to consult your dentist before the treatment for a recommendation on the best bleaching options as well as products to relieve the sensitivity.

Soft tissue irritation/ chemical burn

teeth bleaching side effects

It occurs when the gum is exposed to the chemical solution used in teeth bleaching and results in the gums turning white for a short period or even sting a bit before returning to normal. Rinsing well and optionally applying some vitamin E to the irritated gum helps. Nonetheless, prolonged exposure can lead to inflammation and redness in the affected areas and in extreme cases, result in pain and bleeding of the gum tissue.

Uneven whitening

Despite using the recommended tooth bleaching products, you may not get the desired results. In some cases, the teeth will not whiten at all or if you have fillings, veneer, dental restoration or crowns, they may not whiten like natural teeth thus appearing darker. Additionally, stains caused by fluorosis or some medication like tetracycline are difficult to bleach and may require different procedures like veneers or bonding.

Other side effects include enamel erosion, damage to dental roots and even addiction to teeth bleaching. Always consult your dentist for an assessment of your teeth before making a decision.

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