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doTerra Reviews: Can We Benefit From These Essential Oils?

Will doTerra reviews do any good to the relief we are looking for? How can we be sure that doTerra essential oils are beneficial? Don’t worry. We got your back. That is what this article is here for. Of course, we all want to use a product that can give us positive results.

Additionally, this article will give you all the necessary details that you have to know about these essential oils. The information we will provide here may or may not affect your decision to purchase doTerra essential oils. So, what are we waiting for? Join us, and we will explore the world of doTerra. Let’s go!


doTerra Essential Oils

Welcome to the world of doTerra essential oils.Before we proceed with the details about doTerra essential oil, we will first get a few details about the company. What is the history of doTerra way back? In actuality, the name doTerra stands for Gift of the Earth. It aims to provide the highest quality essential oils in the world.

But then again, doTerra needs to create a quality standard before that mission becomes possible and achievable. They have created a new quality standard with the purest intention of giving consumers the highest-grade essential oils. That is the CPTG or the Certified Pure Tested Grade.

Meanwhile, the company referred to this testing process as the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. It is doTerra’s way to certify that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. Aside from that, doTerra let their products and packaging undergo a battery of tests to ensure longer and effective shelf-life.

When it comes to using doTerra oils as a source of income, the company offers a membership fee of $35, depending on the kit they’ll choose. The advocates can purchase products at a wholesale price. Aside from that, the wellness advocate’s renewal fee will become $25 annually.

Furthermore, you can enjoy doTerra’s oils for the price of $20 or less. Various single oils and blends are available. The value of the oil drops will depend on their specific purposes. Let’s find out more information about how doTerra secures its products’ purity.


CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

Essential oils undergo this quality testing after distillation. The CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol includes the following tests:

1 Organoleptic testing

This test involves the human senses, including sight, smell, taste, and touch. Furthermore, it is the preliminary test that doTerra products undergo for quality control.

2 Microbial testing

doTerra analyzes its products for the potential presence of biohazardous microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mold. In this case, microbial testing is excellent. It can help ensure that their essential oils will not have any contamination during the filling process.

3 Gas chromatography

This testing method involves vaporizing an essential oil. As a result, the analysts of the company can determine which compounds are inside the test samples.

4 Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry and gas chromatography often work together to determine the composition of doTerra oils further. This testing will ionize the gas chromatography components, proceeding to a series of magnetic fields.

5 Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

FTIR ensures that doTerra oils are potent and of consistent quality. Additionally, it uses infrared light under different frequencies shone through the sample of essential oil. The analysts will then measure how much light the oils absorbed.

6 Chirality testing

Chirality came from the Greek word that means hand. This test describes the 3D orientation of a molecule. This test allows dōTerra to ensure that no synthetic elements will be present in any of the company’s essential oils.

7 Isotopic analysis

Generally speaking, essential oils are organic compounds. In this case, the essential oil has carbon as its primary component. It may also have a specific ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 isotopes. However, this ratio may be different worldwide. This analysis will help the company know the isotopes inside the essential oils and how much.

8 Heavy metal testing

The proper distillation should bring zero manifestation of heavy metals in the essential oils. This method allows the company to determine the number of heavy metals inside their product—another technique to detect oil purity.

Overall, dōTerra makes it a point that the quality of their essential oils has met their standards. They assure that each bottle will contain oils with the highest purity and be free from unnecessary elements. In effect, the essential oils will deliver their primary purposes.


The Use and Benefits of doTerra Essential Oil

Generally speaking, essential oils nowadays have various uses. Different practices have been using these products in providing relief and achieving overall health and wellness.


The use of diffuser with doTerra essential oils.Essential oils have been existing since ancient civilizations worldwide. The following are the typical uses of doTerra’s quality oils.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Personal care
  • Healthcare practices
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Beauty treatments
  • Food preparation

Nowadays, we have seen how essential oils have broadened their use as the scientific evidence supporting it increases. They have been parts of several family households and business entities as well.

In this case, we can say that these oils have amazing growing connections, applicable to both children and adults. Even the benefits they’ve been offering have been resulting in customer reviews with 5 stars. Keep reading and see the effects these oils are good at.


Overall, essential oils have been improving the lives of their users. Among the profits you can enjoy from using these oils include the following.

  • Some of their oils are excellent for toning, soothing, and grounding.
  • Other oils are beneficial as energizing, warming, and renewing.
  • Generally speaking, all of these oils are natural.
  • Lastly, each oil addresses a specific health concern.

Given these points, a customer can find relief without the need to buy multiple products. Everything’s inside these bottles of oil. Wouldn’t you be thrilled to purchase a bottle of essential oil, knowing it could give you such advantages?

The business industry involving these oils has been consistently expanding. Furthermore, the reviews coming from each user add up to the spice of curiosity arising to another customer. But what do you know about the individual brand providers?

Fortunately, we can get a few details about the leading companies that made their way up in this business industry. Please continue reading and see if the following information would help decide which brand of oils to push through.


dōTerra vs Young Living

Both companies use multi-level marketing (MLM) to encourage their distributors to recruit new members. These members will then become the distributors’ downline. Aside from that, distributors can also earn money if they sell the products to a customer.

However, how do these leading companies differ from one another regarding their essential oil line of business? What could be the reasons that several customers and advocates love doTerra and Young Living companies? Let’s look into it briefly.

  • The two companies are both private.
  • Additionally, you can also locate them in the United States of America.
  • Another similarity they have is that their primary product line is essential oils.
  • Furthermore, both business entities are using a multi-level marketing (MLM) approach.
  • Lastly, both entities already received a warning from FDA concerning the claims about their products’ effectiveness.
  • Founders: The founders of dōTerra are David Stirling, David Hill, Emily Wright, Corey B, Robert Young, and Mark W, while Young Living’s founder is Donald Gary.
  • Date Founded: The establishment of dōTerra took place in 2008, while Young Living happened in 1993.
  • Variety: Comparing the types and blends, dōTerra has 42 single oils and 19 combinations. These are lesser than what Young Living has. It has more than 132 blends and 90 single oil products.
  • Quality Control: dōTerra ensures that they have selected the best farms to get their source from. On the other hand, Young Living owns and grows the plants, distills, and tests their products.

Overall, each brand has its unique characteristics to earn the loyalty of its existing markets. Their sales determine how far the business could go. The reviews or 5 stars each company gains may or may not affect the customer’s decision.


dōTerra Reviews – Love it or Drop it?

The variety of oils from doTerra may match your preference.When we say customer review, we are referring to how a product took effect on the user. Furthermore, the website of dōTerra has stated that the essential oil application methods are safe, ensuring appropriate use.

Meanwhile, these oils are also helpful as a replacement for herbs or spices in recipes, added to water, tea, smoothies, etc., or the users can even take it internally. Wellness distributors are not qualified health professionals.

For this reason, it would still be best to research information about the products and the company behind them. Organic and other natural ingredients are indeed helpful. However, it is necessary to review all the details before purchasing.

Overall, the point that we need to secure here is safety. Despite its wonderful advantages and value of natural ingredients, we need to review every single detail. If we visit their website, we can find meaningful information to support effectiveness.

It would also help to provide honest reviews as product users. In effect, it will not be confusing for other users to decide whether they would love the product or drop the idea to buy it. Nevertheless, essential oils are indeed huge parts of every family and several wellness clinics.



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