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How to Get Vampire Teeth Naturally? (DIY and Professional Techniques)

At one time in our lives, some of us have tried on the novelty plastic vampire teeth. Although healthy, some people have aesthetic preferences that may be perceived as different from others, like having vampire teeth. If you are that kind of person, you can book an appointment today at any dental specialty clinic for you to acquire that appealing smile. In any case, read on to know more about how to get vampire teeth naturally, including the method to improve your smile.


What are Canine Teeth?

Canines are the single teeth on the right and left sides of both the upper and lower teeth. They are arranged between the incisors and the premolars and emerge around 11 to 13 years old. In fact, canines are more pointed to serve their core function of holding and tearing food than the other three teeth types. This clarifies why they have long roots.


How to Make Vampire Fangs

If you want to get vampire teeth naturally, you can try a DIY technique. Using some fake nails and scissors, you can make your own vampire fangs. To begin, you need to:how to get vampire teeth naturally

  • Purchase artificial nails and dental wax. Pick a nail tone that is similar to your own teeth’ color. You can buy artificial nails and dental wax at some pharmacies. Dental grip or denture wax will also work.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut fake nails into a triangle form. Place the nail over your teeth to have an idea of how huge the triangle should be.
  • Polish each nail into a sharp tooth form using a nail file. Keep in mind to file over a newspaper to get all of the remains that fall as you polish a fake nail.
  • Gently apply a dental wax onto the rear of the tooth. Keep the fake nail on top of the glue for around five minutes to permit it to set. Then repeat the process for the other fang.


Recontouring or Bonding Pointy Canines

If you are not happy with your vampire fangs, consider addressing them to better fit in the arrangement of the rest of the teeth. You can get the treatment at dental cosmetic clinics like Sydney Laser Dental’s clinic near Sylvania Waters. The dentist will complete the method through two complementary procedures, namely, reshaping and bonding.

Reshaping, otherwise called recontouring, includes a sanding tool to file down the extra enamel from your vampire fangs. The cosmetic dentist provides your fangs a new look by doing this method, making them fit better among your other teeth.

Additionally, recontouring is also applicable to those people who love to have good vampire teeth. It might be combined with dental bonding to provide your fangs an appealing new look. In this treatment, your dentist utilizes resin that has a similar color to your teeth to reshape your fangs. Furthermore, bonding gives your recontoured fang an additional coating to fill in any holes or correct issues not repaired by the reshaping procedure.


Pros and Cons of Recontouring

The essential advantage in tooth recontouring is to have a better smile. In any case, other benefits you can get from this treatment include:

  • Easy and painless procedure. Unlike most dental treatments, tooth recontouring is painless and straightforward to influence.
  • Quick process. You do not have to dive deep into your pocket since the method is simple and fast.
  • Promote Good Oral Health. Extra-long vampire teeth can affect your bite and make an aesthetic and functional dental issue. Dental recontouring can correct your bite, advancing general oral health.
  • Lastly, the need for dental braces might be wiped out by tooth recontouring since it makes a more even look on your teeth.

However, despite its beautiful advantages, tooth recontouring can pose a few dangers. These include:

  • Reshaping may harm the tooth when sanding to eliminate the extra enamel. If not performed correctly, such damage can cause the need for additional dental treatments and probably an extra unbudgeted cost.
  • Sanding results in diminishing of the enamel and uncovered the dentin. If bonding is forgotten, the sensitivity might turn into a new issue with the previous vampire teeth. An expert dental specialist can walk you through this system and give you the smile change you’d like.


Undersized & Oversized Vampire Fangs

There are two things you need to know about vampire’s teeth. Rather than canine teeth, a few groups might have a condition known as microdontia. This means that one or more teeth are more The woman visits her dentist to get dental contouring.modest than their standard typical size. Once you have undersized vampire fangs or other teeth, your dentist can use veneers or porcelain crowns to build up the tooth. Typically, teeth influenced by microdontia have an unusual shape and will need reshaping before bonding.

On the other hand, macrodontia is the exact opposite of microdontia. This concentrates on the tooth being unusually bigger than the rest of the teeth. When contrasted with every one of the teeth in the mouth, the sidelong incisors are more commonly influenced by macrodontia. Dentists have various techniques they can use to fix both related issues between recontouring, bonding, veneers, and crowns.

In short, whether you have vampire fangs or have teeth that are more limited than others. Dental recontouring and bonding are ideal alternatives for upgrading the appeal of your smile.



Vampire teeth are simply canine teeth that are extra pointy and additional sharp. This dental condition is hereditary predetermined. If you have vampire teeth and do not want them, a skilled dentist can fix them. It simply takes cosmetic treatment to get the job done. Ensure to select an experienced dentist for this procedure.

However, if you are not born with vampire teeth and want them, choosing an experienced dentist can also help you achieve that look. The outcome would be sharper, extra pointy vampire teeth.



What Is a Canine Tooth?

Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring.


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