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Exercise After Breast Augmentation

When will I be able to hit the gym again? This is the question which revolves in the mind of people who undergo breast augmentation surgery. Since breast augmentation surgeries are a bit complicated ones, a good amount of time is usually needed to get back into your physical routines. Any strenuous workout immediately after the surgery can lead to severe complications like displaced implants or loss of symmetry and sometimes regular discomforts like pain or swelling.Exercise after breast augmentation sometimes speeds up the recovery and sometimes slows down the recovery too. So, it is good to do anything with proper knowledge and guidance. Here are useful information from https://www.drbreastaugmentationsydney.com.au/exercise-after-breast-augmentation/ to guide you through your exercise after breast augmentation.


You can start taking short or moderate walks from the first week of your surgery itself. It actually improves blood circulation and speeds up the recovery. Anyhow, it is not good to make your walks more strenuous.


Cardio activities like cycling, long walks or treadmill can be incorporated in to your routine after a couple of weeks of surgery. It may take a week or two for you to put in the same strength you are accustomed to. It is good to proceed gradually in to other cardio activities. exercise after breast augmentation


Initially, it is good to avoid lifting heavy objects for two to three weeks. Though you can start lower body exercises after a month of surgery, a minimum of two months is needed to start upper body exercises. Be careful while handling groceries or children.


At least two months of time is needed for you to lead a normal life. Contact sports are to be avoided as they can lead to complications.


You can go into a pool only after three weeks of the surgery. Any strenuous types of swimming or water sports are to be avoided.

Apart from these, use supportive sports bras to avoid movement and sagging. All the suggestions given by your surgeon are very important and are to be followed.

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