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Lip Injections Gone Wrong

Lip injection is a cosmetic procedure in which dermal fillers are injected into the lips with an aim of enhancing their size. It’s mostly done by ladies to upgrade their facial beauty. If you’re considering to have it, you might be interested to read about lip injections at Restoration Clinic website.  But while it is successful in some individuals, in others it turns out to be a nightmare. There has been a rise in cases of lip injections gone wrong over the past decade. Without further ado, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of lip injections and how they fail to achieve the desired benefits.

Why do people go for lip enhancement?

  • To enhance facial beauty and look sexier
  • To settle relationship issues with partners who love kissing big lips
  • Social media pressure with models like Kylie Jenner

Why do lip injections procedures go wrong?

  1. Incompetent people doing the procedure instead of a board certified plastic surgeon
  2. Failure of some countries to regulate non-surgical procedures

The negatives that can result from a lip injection procedure

More often than not, this procedure isn’t a smooth ride. The following are some unwanted effects that will show you the lip enhancement procedure has gone west.

1. Stiff lips

Overstretching of the skin over the lips during this procedure could result in uncomfortable firmness of the lips.

2. Disproportionate lips

This could be due to over-injection or uneven injection. Besides, small bumps can be felt on the lips. These bumps may worsen while trying to even out the proportions.

3. Infections lip injections gone wrong

Wounds may develop on the lips, with subsequent infections. How uncomfortable!

4. Allergies

Not everyone can tolerate skin traumatic procedures such as lip injections. An allergic reaction with severely swollen red lips isn’t something you may want.

5. Losing lips

Infections and allergic reactions that may result from this procedure can lead to the destruction of soft tissues in the lips. This may eventually demand surgical removal of the lips. You definitely don’t want that.

Final Say

There are more cases of lip injections gone wrong than of them gone the right way. If you have to go for a lip injection procedure, then ensure it’s done by a competent person. The last thing you want is being part of cases where lip injections have gone wrong. Let’s appreciate natural beauty, shall we?

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