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Implant Overdentures: A Great Alternative to Traditional Dentures

Implant overdentures are like traditional dentures with one key difference: instead of being held together by adhesives, implant overdentures fit over your remaining teeth and dental implants. Are you anxious about your dentures moving out place? You might want to try and have implant overdenture.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is artificial tooth roots made with titanium that is drilled into your jaw bone. These artificial tooth roots provide a sturdier base from which to attach the overdenture. The implant overdenture is a stronger, sturdier denture which allows for easier and more complete chewing than a traditional denture. Implant overdenture procedures can be done to replace just a few teeth or all of a patients teeth as needed.

The implant overdenture has some significant advantages over the traditional denture. Because the implant overdenture goes over your dental implants or your remaining natural teeth, it will continue to stimulate your jaw bone while you eat and chew.

Why is stimulating your jaw bone important?

implant overdentureBecause it slows bone loss in the jaw which typically accelerates when teeth are lost. A second advantage of the implant overdenture is that it helps to maintain your facial structure and even keeps you looking young. The jaw becomes unhealthy and under-stimulated when you have missing teeth. As a result of the under-stimulation, shrinkage of tissue occurs that can cause the distance between your nose and your upper lip to shorten and give change your appearance making you look older than you are. The implant overdenture helps to stimulate the jaw in a way that prevents shrinking tissue and allows you to retain your strong facial features.

The implant overdenture is also more comfortable than traditional dentures because it’s attached using the titanium anchors as opposed to the traditional dental adhesive. This makes for a more secure fit and significantly reduces the risk of dislodgement allowing the implant overdenture wearer to be comfortable and confident in any situation.

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