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Suffering a toothache after root canal

Getting a root canal can be painful. Many patients complain about having a toothache after root canal. This article will focus on pain after root canal surgery and when to worry about it. Beyond Infinity Dental’s team of dentists in Castle Hill shed some light about what you need to expect from a root canal procedure.


What is a root canal?

A root canal procedure involves a deep cleaning of infected tissues and pulp inside the tooth. It is a major procedure, so it is normal for some level of pain to accompany the procedure. The procedure aims to clean the inside canals of the tooth, this can make the surrounding gums and nerve endings irritated. 


When is a root canal needed?

If the tooth is fractured or broken, it makes it easier for bacteria to enter through the crack. These bacteria can affect the tooth pulp inside the tooth. If the tooth pulp is infected, it may cause intense pain for the person. This is when a root canal procedure will be recommended by the dentist. IN the early days, if the tooth was infected, tooth extraction was the answer. However, nowadays, it is a better option for dentists to save the teeth instead of removing them. This is root canals are a better treatment choice for this scenario.


Pain during the recovery period

Expect to feel some level of pain during the recovery period.

When the anesthesia wears off, your toothache after root canalgum will be sore after the procedure. There will be some mild pain and sensitivity after the procedure, and this is normal. Be careful about the food and drinks you consume after the surgery. Very cold and very hot food and beverages can irritate the surgical site and make it more sensitive.

The pain that you will feel after the anesthesia wears off is usually only mild pain, and this can be managed by the drugs that your dentist will prescribe to you after the surgery. The pain you should expect to feel should get less and less with each day that passes. Toothaches after a root canal surgery are normal. 


When to worry about a toothache after root canal

Pain after the root canal surgery should not last forever. The main reason why a root canal is done is to remove the infected pulp in the tooth, to prevent it from becoming rotten and causing even more pain in the future. However, pain after surgery is normal. This pain should subside in the days following the surgery, and if you experience pain that gets worse with each passing day, and if this pain is not manageable with over-the-counter drugs, the person should see their dentist right away, because excessive pain that does not go away is a sign of infection.

If you feel an extreme toothache after root canal, your dentist will be able to do what is necessary to stop the pain and get rid of what caused it. You must see your dentist right away if the pain persists or gets worse.

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