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How Owen Wilson Was Always Bigger Than An Actor with Crooked Nose

After breaking his nose twice, young Owen Wilson would never have thought he would end up being one of the most remarkable actors of our time. Back then, when he decided he would become an actor, he refused to have surgery as he was sure that it would be a feature that would define his career. For some people, if you were a celebrity, nose surgery would be in your to-do list. But it’s different for Owen.

It seems like Owen does not dislike his nose, but he always hesitates to talk about it. People either love it or hate it, but it gets everybody’s attention. Owen’s is a face that does get the attention but, unlike faces like Brad Pitt’s or Zac Efron’s, this is a face that people will not judge over his talent. Owen Wilson has proven to be extremely talented and his face was never an obstacle for the world to see it.

Owen Wilson’s career has always been acknowledged due to his amazing charm and talent. He has been nominated to the greatest awards, including an Oscar. But, even after achieving all this success, one can never know what’s going on through the head of someone with such a charming smile in the outside. In the summer of 2007, Owen Wilson attempted to commit suicide. It’s hard to Owen Wilsonfigure out how such a beautiful soul would get to that point, but it happened. Depression is silent and has to be taken seriously.

Today, Owen Wilson remains as one of the most cherished actors in Hollywood. How can we forget all those characters that touched us with his natural charm and his amazing smile? It’s really hard to recall one single of his characters that hadn’t moved in one way or another. Owen is an actor with a crooked nose who made us pay attention with his face, but his charisma will remain in our hearts for life. From the accidentally lovable new boyfriend of the main character’s ex-girlfriend to his epic appearance in a fashion show in Zoolander 2, it’s always amazing to see Owen on-screen.


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