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Benefits of a deep tissue foot massage

Our feet carry all our body weight, for the entirety of the day. We walk, run and stand up, not realizing how much strain our feet have to endure. This can take its toll on feet. If your feet being to feel tired and painful, it might be time for a deep tissue foot massage to relax the sore muscles. Read more at

What is a deep tissue foot massage?

Deep tissue massages focus on trying to massage the deeper muscle tissues by applying finger pressure to the affected areas through slow massage strokes. This type of massage targets to loosen tight knots on muscle tendons to promote proper blood flow and release muscle tension.

The pressure that is put will cause muscle soreness after the massage, but when the soreness subsides, relief can be felt in just a couple of days.

Benefits of getting this type of massage

Improved blood circulation. Have you ever felt a tingling sensation on your toes or have cold feet? These are signs of poor blood circulation.

Stress relief. The style of this massage introduces deep and firm strokes to the feet. This motion will automatically force your body to relax. Once your body is relaxed, it would be easier for you to have a relaxed mind as well.

Lower blood pressure. Because deep tissue foot massages are very effective in stress relief, it follows that blood pressure would be lowered by this technique. Especially for people who suffer from high blood pressure due to muscle tightness.

Cure headaches and migraines. Since stress will be eliminated with this massage technique, so will the causes of headaches and migraines.

Cures insomnia. Many sleep disorders and disturbed sleep patterns can be corrected through deep tissue foot massages because most of these disorders would be caused by stress.

Helps relieve symptoms of PMS and Menopause. Most of the symptoms of PMS and Menopause would be caused by stress and muscle tightness, which this massage can help to relieve.

When is a deep tissue foot massage not recommended?

Unfortunately, this type of massage is not for everyone. For some people, a deep tissue foot massage would cause more harm than good. If there has been recent surgery done on the person’s foot, it is not recommended to have a deep tissue massage because of the risk of disturbing the healing process of the surgery. The same goes for individuals who are prone to having blood clots. The reason behind this is what if a deep tissue massage is performed on them, the clots might transfer to areas of the body where they can cause greater risk.

deep tissue foot massageIn a nutshell, ask your doctor if you are unsure if this massage is right for you.

If you are experiencing extreme pains in your body and think that a deep tissue foot massage would benefit you, ask your doctor for advice about it. If you fall under the list of people who might not benefit from this type of massage, ask your doctor for other recommendations they have for your condition.


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