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Dental Options For Bad Teeth

Your permanent teeth are designed to have a longer lifespan. But at times, incidences may prevent your teeth from lasting for the required duration. There are various causes of tooth damage which range from tooth decay to gum disease and other injuries which occur as a result of biting something hard. It is recommended to see a dental professional to prevent these matters to get worst. With that being said, you can visit Scott Street Dental Clinic in Liverpool, NSW for all your dental needs.

In the past, people had to live with bad teeth. Nowadays, there are a variety of dental options for bad teeth when compared to the past. The option which suits you is determined by the severity of the damage and the time span you expect the restoration to last.

Below are some of the dental options for bad teeth:


A filling is one of the various available tooth repair options. It’s a very popular restoration option although it is used to restore or repair the teeth partially. This option is used to provide solutions to the damage resulting from tooth decay. For instance, if you a tooth cavity your dentist will most probably use the filling to remedy the situation. dental options for bad teeth

When it comes to filling there are plenty of options as well as materials. Silver amalgam fillings used to be one of the most used options as they were affordable, durable and easy to apply. The main disadvantage of silver fillings is their visibility on the tooth. Porcelain fillings are not more durable when compared to silver fillings but they are of different from that of the tooth and are not visible.


This is one of the most effective options for restoring a broken tooth. The treatment is done by placing a composite resin to the affected tooth. Bonding is applied by dentists to reattach a piece of the tooth that is missing as a result of cracking. The main benefit of bonding is that the treatment is done once.


Dentures are designed specifically for replacing missing teeth permanently. Based on the number of teeth a patient is missing, he /she can obtain a complete set of dentures, single or partial denture. In spite of the dentures aimed at replacing the whole tooth, they are designed in a manner in which they can be removed, so they are not attached to the gum like other teeth which have a root anchored to the gums instead they are held in place with the help of clips.

One of the benefits of dentures is that they are an affordable dental restoration option.

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