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What Services Can Be Provided At A Walk In Dental Clinic?

What is a walk-in dental clinic? What are the advantages of knowing how to reach this type of dental clinic when you need it? This article will talk about how an emergency dental clinic works to provide dental care and when you could benefit to visit this type of dental clinic. If you will find this article interesting, you can click this link to find out how you can get emergency dental services in various dental clinics across Sydney.

What is a walk-in dental clinic?

A walk-in dental clinic provides dental care to patients who have urgent or emergency dental issues that need to be treated as soon as possible. Most of the time, these dental emergencies happen during times of the day or night when the patient’s regular dentist’s office is already closed. These urgent dental matters usually cannot wait until the next time the dentist’s office will be open.

Emergency dental services

Knowing what kind of emergency dental services you can get at a walk-in dental clinic.

Cracked or broken teeth 

Cracked or broken teeth can be caused by many factors. Whether the person was in an accident or if they bit down on food that was too hard, a cracked or broken tooth can expose the sensitive nerves and tissues inside the tooth. Aside from toothaches and discomfort, bacteria and other microbes that can cause infection can gain entrance to the tooth if the crack or damage is large.

Teeth that are knocked out

If the tooth is only partially knocked out, or just moving a little bit, this issue may be able to wait until the business hours of the person’s regular dentist. However, if the tooth has been completely knocked out, it will require emergency dental services from a walk-in dental clinic.

Sports-related injuries

walk in dental clinicIf the person was not cautious and did not wear a sports mouthguard, there is a chance they will sustain sports-related injuries on their teeth. These injuries can leave teeth broken into sharp and pointed shards that can cause injury to the rest of the soft tissues in the mouth. Seeking emergency dental care for this type of issue is important to keep the rest of the mouth safe from injury.

Dental pain

If extreme pain is present, it means there may be a need for dental care from a walk-in dentist. If there is no obvious cause for the pain, the dental issue may be internal, and not noticeable at a glance. If the pain is minimal, the patient may be able to wait until they can have dental care from their usual dentist. However, if the pain is severe or persistent, seeing an emergency walk-in dentist is a wiser choice.

What are the conditions that are not considered dental emergencies

There is a difference between a dental emergency that needs immediate attention, and a dental urgency, which also needs to be checked by a dentist, but they can usually wait until the office of your dentist will be open.

Minor dental pain

If you are experiencing bearable pain, or that goes down with home remedies for toothaches or with over-the-counter painkillers, you can wait until the next day or the time when the clinic of your usual dentist will be open. However, even if the pain is minor, you still need to have the issue checked out by your dentist to make sure there is no serious dental condition developing.

Tooth sensitivity

Sometimes teeth become sensitive to hot or cold beverages and food. This is not a dental emergency and there is no need to visit a walk-in dentist for this issue. However, tooth sensitivity can be a sign of deeper and more serious dental conditions.

Small chips in teeth

If there are small chips and damage on the teeth, but there is no pain, the issue may be treated by your regular dentist. As long as there is no extreme pain felt on the affected teeth, it is not considered a dental emergency. However, it is a good idea to still have your chipped teeth checked out by your dentist the next time their regular dental office opens.

Getting proper dental care during emergencies

It is important to get proper dental care when you need it. Dental emergencies do not have a set time when they occur. They can happen on a weekend, or in the dead of night when the dentist’s office has already closed its doors. It is in these instances when emergency dental care has to be attained by a person.

How to find a walk-in dental clinic

walk in dental clinicIn times when you need the services from an emergency clinic, you can usually find the number and location of the closest walk-in dental clinic in an emergency room. They will be able to point you in the right direction of the closest walk-in dental clinic.

Even if you do not need the emergency services at that exact moment, it is a good idea to have the information on hand when you or one of your loved ones will need it in the future. You can also opt to ask your regular dentist if they offer such services. Some people may be more at ease if they have dental care given to them by their regular dentist.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a walk-in dentist, you will be happy to know that these clinics are usually open 24 hours a day for seven days a week. These clinics will be able to give dental care for dental emergencies that need to be tended to straight away.

You have to be certain that the dental issue you are experiencing is an emergency before you visit a walk-in dentist. If you go to an emergency dentist with a dental concern that could have waited until the regular working hours of your usual dentist, you risk preventing the dentist from treating patients who have actual dental emergencies that require immediate attention and treatment. This is why you have to look at your symptoms and assess your situation before going in.


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