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Home Remedies for Sore Gums

Sore gums, are fairly common , yet annoying problem, it can be caused by gum disease, an infection, an irritation or a simple hormonal change. If you are sick of using over the counter topical pain killers you might wanna visit Infinity Dental Care to receive proper treatment. Or, you can try these home remedies for sore gums. Here are some of them.

Clove essential oils: cloves are great because the have anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory qualities. basically they will help reduce pain while killing whatever is causing the pain to begin with. To reap the benefits of clove oil, you can rub clove essential oils on your gums with a cotton ball or cotton swab or you can simply chew on a clove.

Tea Bags: Tea bags are great because they act as mini heating pads for your mouth, while working as a pain killer and anti-inflammatory, most importantly you probably already have tea bags in your kitchen! Simply steep the teabag in boiling water for a few minutes, allow it to cool, then place it on your sore gums, the heat and tea leaves will sooth and help heal. The best teas to use are green and black teas that contain herbs such as ginger or peppermint. home remedy for sore gums

Turmeric paste: applying turmeric powder too your teeth and gums has many benefits, turmeric, acts as a pain killer, inflammatory and has some antiseptic properties; its also used as a natural tooth whitener in some parts of Asia. simply apply turmeric powder to your toothbrush and brush like normal, let the paste or powder sit on your teeth and gums for about five minutes and rinse. If you aren’t a fan of the taste of turmeric, you can add a bit of clove or peppermint extract, to boost antiseptic qualities and improve the flavor.

There are plenty of ways to treat gum soreness and swelling without breaking the bank, hopefully you’re able to find a home remedy for sore gums.

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